Monday, May 21, 2012

Ever Decreasing Zionism

Keoni, while expositioning on a recent U.S. law passed concerning Israel, refuses to get with the program and instead outlines the program:
Racism = the second most popular social engineering program to divide and conquer We the Sheeple, to keep us preoccupied and squabbling so that we do not notice our continually increasing mass enslavement. (The so-called "gender war" would be first).
Incidentally, I used to be pro-Israel, or at least I thought I was. One of the things that put a chink in my Zionist armor was when the Israeli government took Gaza away from the Jews and gave it to the Palestinians. Sure, at the time I was listening to Arutz Sheva and getting full tilt, Rush Limbaugh style pro-Zionist propaganda, but here was an obvious case of a government behaving badly.
If the Jews can't trust the Israeli government to respect private property, who can they trust?
Obviously, the various Palestinian leaders have acted no better in this respect, and eventually, anyone particularly interested in that part of the world starts to notice all the socialism that gets in the way of basic human rights, like the right to property. This is exactly why the entire story of the Middle East just has to be recast as a race war or a religious war (both parties are of Semitic origin), why all issues of property have to be considered in terms of Palestinian, or Jewish, etc... If it was considered individually, the situation would be far different. The nation that takes your neighbor's land under one pretext, shall take yours under another.

So, I guess this is yet another right wing issue exposure to the internet ruined for me. Sorry, I can't help but see the socialism. This is why I can't pledge allegiance to the flag, or to the republic, for which it stands- that republic doesn't exist anymore. Funnily enough, it is easy to find out Israel was a socialist nation from day one; it's amazing people can get on T.V. and say it is the only democracy in the Middle East. More of a mirage than an American politician's appeals to the founding fathers.

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