Monday, May 7, 2012

Paleobaby Update

Keoni Galt gives an update on his baby:

- Approaching two years of age, my keiki has never had an ear infection, a chest cold, or a fever...other than the mild, low grade fever that typically accompanies teething. Keiki has had a runny nose a couple of times, but that usually cleared up within a day or two.

- Speaking of teething, Keiki has an entire mouth full of choppers, all nicely formed, straight and evenly spaced. This seems to fit with the observations of Dr. Weston Price regarding dental health and development that correlate with the nutrient dense diets of traditional peoples. I myself have a narrower jaw and crooked teeth. Then again, I was raised on Soy formula from birth. I had poor dentistry, bad allergies, asthma. So far, keiki has seemed to avoid all that.

- Keiki's immune system is strong. Mommy has gotten sick several times in the past year, as her job puts her into contact with a lot of travelers from around the world, on a daily basis (she works at the airport). Keiki has never contracted anything she's brought home...including the flu and a pretty bad chest cold for which she ended up having to get an anti-biotic prescription for.

Apparently, Keoni got a lot of flack by a bunch of mothers who felt convicted when they read his original Paleo baby post. Somehow I don't care. The fact that Keiki's teeth came in just like Dr. Price said they would trumps their precious little feelings any day.

I want to have children, and I want to be able to do the sort of thing Keoni has done. Please make sure you blabber loudly about how you don't want to, so when I google you I can tell rather quickly that you aren't marriage material.

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justme27 said...

Indeed. I wish we hadn't done so many grains, but yeah. My youngest has some nice teeth. Steak was one of the first foods he tried.