Thursday, June 14, 2012

Syria: America's Stumbling Block?

In the mainstream news, the Syrian government is the criminal entity.
On the internet, it sounds like the U.S. backed rebels are killing minorities in their country. Assad is an Alawite, while the population at large tends to be Sunni. The Alawi and Christians appear to be the ones getting killed. Meanwhile, the U.S. state department keeps saying the Syrian government is responsible for the massacres.

Particularly telling is the Russian attitude to this whole thing. The Russians aren't buying U.S. propaganda. Of course, the state department responds by demonizing the Russians, but that's pretty stupid. I can only hope someone somewhere is smart enough not to create an outright provocation.

Now there are those weird stories about steroid using Syrian killers. Wait, aren't there guys like that on every police force in America? I'm 6'3 and 172lbs. The best I could expect to do drug free with bodybuilding is just about 200lbs. We've got people walking around my size or shorter with a good 30lb-40lbs more than is possible naturally. Why should I be particularly surprised when some Syrians decide to do the same thing?

I am not fond of the Syrian regime. I've followed some of the things Lebanon has gone through, and it does seem to me the Syrians have interfered rather badly (as did several other countries). It doesn't seem to me that we'd manage to undo any damage by doing unto them what they did to others. Also, if the government is determined to pull this string, we shall very likely find it is attached to more than just Syria. Russia isn't happy. Iran is already under threat from us. Pakistan is tired of us violating its sovereignty. Then there are the eight or so countries we've actually attacked, and China, which has not been happy to see some of its investments in places like Libya go up in smoke because of us.

I suspect the U.S. government is about to overstep. Other countries will begin to unite, cooperating specifically to defeat the crazy U.S. foreign policy objectives. Perhaps it will break down along NATO, not-NATO lines, which seems to me like getting stuck on a team with all the losers. Can you possibly stop meddling, Mrs. Clinton? Please?

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