Monday, July 9, 2012

Hilary Clinton Will Bring Brimstone Down Upon Us

On the latest episode of No Agenda Adam Curry came up with a clip of Hilary Clinton. She was being extremely confrontation to Russia and China over the fact that they won't let her play her little games with Syria. Indeed, to me it came out sounding like a provocation of war.
I don't understand why the State Department can't do the math. U.S. forces are ridiculously overextended. We've got extremely strained relationships with people who are supposed to be our allies, fires of our own making all over the Middle East. At some point, they will be willing to chance retaliation in an attempt to stop this mad imperial march across the globe. Once they start thinking about it, they'll notice how the U.S. is massively overextended. Disruption should be easy.

Again, these people are crazy enough to cause nuclear war, and I am not talking about Russia and China. They've got their own brand of crazy, and they might just lob a few right at us to shut our crazies up, but make no mistake, it's our crazies talking trash.

Suddenly I want an underground bunker.

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