Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Atrocity Redux

To put it bluntly, the devil (and/or the government) uses atrocity stories to justify destroying other people. America has an atrocity story; a dead diplomat drug through the streets in Libya. We've even got pictures, probably even video, though I am not going to click on it.

But the atrocity and it's gruesome details don't give us any clarity on how to stop these sorts of things from happening again. It is telling that this has happened in Libya, were we destroyed the existing government in favor of some still not-particularly well known group of rebels who obviously cannot provide security a host nation usually provides for an embassy. It is, after all, the nation's government that suffers if such diplomatic traditions are breached, yet the rabble to which Libya has ostensibly been handled don't have the capability, nor perhaps the good sense, to know where their bread is buttered.

Meanwhile, the Middle East is rife, as it has always been, with it's own atrocity stories, and the U.S. gives them plenty of fodder for their imagination. Believe me, if they were kicking down doors, invading homes, and killing family members in Florida it wouldn't take long for some good old fashion radicalization. It doesn't have anything to do with Islam- the bull keeps going into the China shop, pretty soon the owner is going to try and shoot it.

So what's the point, here and now, or back at the link where I pointed out that the Jews wanted Jesus to denounce the Romans, but instead he told them to repent?
It is this, the atrocity does not justify American actions. Not past actions, and certainly not future actions- just like Jesus refused to implicitly justify violent actions that the Jews wanted to take.

It is no joke- if you hold to these incessant wars, you should repent. This would not have happened but for the prosecution of such wars.

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