Friday, September 7, 2012

Die Without Panicking, Citizens!

I came across the video below from The Elusive Wapiti, who has some good commentary of his own.

My question is this- how can you actually look at this and not want your entire department's next training seminar to be weapons training? The guy doing the shooting in this video takes no cover, turns his back to the security guard (the one most likely to be armed) and pulls a shotgun out of a stuffed backpack. If your office personnel was trained and carrying, this dude would be dead in front of the elevators.

Now this particular scenario doesn't look like a disgruntled employee. It looks more like a cop gone bad type scenario, but lets think about what happens if you've trained all your employees and they are carrying. The no longer gruntled employee is now trained in weapons, and he knows everybody else is too, so he knows he will be outnumbered. He wouldn't show up and engage in any sort of close combat because the likeliness he'd achieve his target before dying is very low.

Now, of course, it turns out a link to this thing was in my work email. People are actually taking it seriously. Our wonderful government agents are telling us to run, hide, or fight if you have to, and that this is a plan, and that plans can save your life. It sounds like a plan, but it is in fact what people do when all of their options are taken from them. Nor does a plan necessarily save your life, but if you have a gun and know how to use it, your chance of survival is significantly higher.

Worst of all, tax dollars were spent on making this video.


Mhairi said...

Hmm, if there is one thing worse than tax dollars being spent on this video it's you seeming to advocate having armed employees, albeit trained.

August said...

We should be allow to keep and bear arms. On private property owners do have the right to refuse people entry if they are armed, but there should be liability if they fail to protect people as well as they would on their own. The owners of that cinema in Colorado should be sued, for instance. They have a no guns policy, and no way of protecting the people in their theaters.
So I am not seeming to advocate anything- I am advocating. Training and arming employees is preferable to what is being shown in this video.