Wednesday, January 30, 2013

School is Prison and the Staff Are Bullies

Yet another stupid school bullying some kid who supposedly had a gun shaped object. Legos this time, paper some other time, and then there was that pink bubble shooter.
If Adam Lanza actually existed once, and really did shoot kids at school, I can guess where he was created.  In this stupid prison called school were basic boyish traits are crushed under some woman's heel.
You can see they don't want to fix the problem.  The first, most obvious answer is to not put your kids in an environment where no form of defense is allowed.  If public schools were properly banned, then this school would have been necessarily private and as such liable.  If you aren't going to provide protection for your customers and staff, then you shouldn't have the right to take away their protection.  That movie theater in Aurora ought to be put out of business because they put up that stupid no guns sign.

This is just basic stuff, really basic, the sort of thing that ends up making you realize that someone, somewhere must actually want these sorts of thing to go on.  Then there is the collaboration going on to dumb everyone down, so people could actually believe silly stuff.

Other silly stuff- that people need to be caught and medicated in order to prevent this stuff.  Whoops, I'm sorry, these people were medicated.  The treatment, it turns out, encourages the behavior the public assumes it will stop.  So the mental health industry medicates people with medication, which encourages this sort of behavior, but when someone commits a heinous act, the mental health industry gets rewarded with more government money and more control over people?  Guess what?  You are giving psychiatrists some extremely tempting incentives.  Even if he's a relatively good guy, he knows, if one of his people goes postal he'll just get more money- and if he's a sociopath, he can engineer situations to his advantage.
Did anybody in the Aurora theater that night know the murderers psychiatrist?  
I'm just saying it can be done, not that it actually did.  Yet.

But instead of any clarity, we see people embarking on a path that will reinforce the conditions under which one of these situations can take place.  The children have ceased to be taught, rather they are now under lock and key with any deviation with whatever is thought be the norm today punished.  The increase in pressure on children who are already in a psychologically damaging place (school) will only encourage the weak to break.
As the weak break, they shall be medicated, which breaks them more, for the drugs do not improve the child's life, rather if they work at all, they simply stop the children from bothering teachers, other students, and parents as much as they used to.  Now, most things that break just break down quietly in a corner somewhere, but sometimes, when something breaks, it blows up.  This is true of people you break with medicine. 

Meanwhile, gun control laws make it harder and harder for good people to find guns, while the folks who turn bad aren't going to care about breaking a bunch of laws. Most of these killers include their own death in their plans. You really think they care if you add ten years to a sentence they don't plan on sticking around for?

We've got bad food, a prison environment, lies and propaganda instead of real education, and even things like way too much artificial light at night- in other words we've got a lot of things we need to fix, so that we can live like real humans.  The impetus, whether at the federal level or in the average local public school is to react in a highly damaging way.  In many cases, especially on the local level, it seems to be about being seen doing something.  If I remember correctly, one local school is now locking classroom doors during class- seems like a potential fire hazard, and definitely looks stupid in light of the Connecticut narrative.  It seem to me this would improve the a potential killer's kill count, because none of the kids could run away, while he could just shoot through door after door.

Educators, psychiatrists, politicians- all seemingly behaving badly and encouraging the very outcomes the rest of us don't want, yet every time something like this happens, these same groups of people, and probably the police too, get more funding.  Maybe it is time to think a bit harder about what could be going on here.  Could they possibly be advocating for policies that help them while increasing the potential danger your child faces? 

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