Monday, February 4, 2013

It Is Not Good That We Are Having This Conversation

I notice a meme of sorts cropping up when gun control people talk about controlling guns.  It starts sounding really artificial once you hear more than one control advocate say it, because at first it sounds like it is just referencing the interview they are having or whatever, but when you hear it again and again from different people in different interviews, it starts sounding creepy.  They say that it is good that we are having this conversation. First, who is we, exactly? Secondly, and most importantly, having anything approaching this conversation means you, dear Mr. or Ms. Gun Control Idiot, have failed to learn anything.

Now, what would be 'good' is if people who did not understand something would know that they did not know anything and would go off and get a proper education on whatever subject it was they didn't know about.  Unfortunately, this 'conversation' means a lot of people who know nothing appear to think they know something and have at least enough power to continue this 'conversing' rather than being hustled off the stage and handed the number of the appropriate educator.

So, what does this really mean?  I think they are basically saying it is good they have the field and can say whatever it is that they want to say.  This isn't good at all.  It is the opposite of good.  They are saying stupid things that are highly dangerous to mankind.  They are suggesting and implementing stupid protocols in schools that will imperil America's children even worse than they are now.

This meme seems to be similar to the consensus building manipulation that has been pulled on us all through school, and which can be seen coming from management sometimes.  Everybody gets to have a 'voice' and we participate in this 'conversation', which mysteriously ends in the architects of the 'conversation' getting whatever it is that they want while the rest of us get nothing- though they do like to pretend like participation in this farce is somehow rewarding.  Meanwhile, they do horrible things, like right now most mainstream folks are on board with allowing the mental health industry to have a say in whether or not you get to keep and bear arms.  I guess the NRA sellouts don't imagine DSM-6 will have a disorder with a list of their habits listed right underneath when it comes out.  This industry medicates and generates diagnoses constantly, and seems to be destabilizing people to the point where they are actually more likely to cause harm (either to themselves or others).  Such charlatanism is only useful as a tool of control.

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