Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feeding The Ignorant May Be More Plausible Than Enlightening Them

Once again, I find myself looking at someone and wishing I could feed them. This happens often when someone is overweight, but it also sometimes happens when a person is thin. Thin people sometimes show evidence of nutrient deficiency. I don't know what deficiency it is- I only know I want to have them eat liver- possibly oysters- and a whole bunch of other nutrient dense things.

It actually seems more plausible to me that I could get someone to just eat what I gave them. Sure, the liver would be a hard one, but day to day, I can crank out meals people like. In most cases, a full belly from a good meal ought to keep folks away from the junk food.

What I can't do is explain things to people. I doubt it has much to do with my skill in presenting information. It seems to me Hurricane Katrina was obvious proof all my arguments against depending on government were true, but apparently, to my former fellow city dwellers bad stuff only happens because of racism.
I enjoy learning stuff, but when I start to share, things can easily degenerate into useless arguments.

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justme27 said...

Yes. I want to feed my mom some grass fed beef. And butter. And some coconut oil. Not all together, perhaps. Vegans...