Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The War Checklist

I've been hearing the audio to the video below for a while now, thanks to the No Agenda show, but Zerohedge just put up the video with the title 7 countries in 5 years, and I knew immediately what it was, and that folks need to know Syria has been on the list for longer than this so-called rebellion has been funded:

I suspect the reason it is taking longer than five years is that Russia, and possibly China, know perfectly well this is a load of crap designed to improve the lot of a small group of people who run various slightly American multinationals. The U.S. is imperial at this point, and it is far past time for even conservatives to recognize this, especially since the U.S. is so awful at being imperial. We fight all these wars in the Middle East and yet gas/diesel is not dirt cheap? Our imperialist masters are stupid. They don't have to give us bread and circuses. Push the fuel prices down- you know you can because most of the cost comes from your manipulations anyway- and you can probably hold off the inevitable crash for a few more election cycles.

To be clear, I am totally against our foreign policy, and it seems the people who instigate it are hell bent on making sure I never believe a word that comes out of their mouths again. I would not be happy with war under any circumstances. I was just pointing out cheaper fuel prices would make more sense out of a plan like this, especially since Bernanke's constant money creation isn't going to work forever.

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