Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pathetic Beltway Libertarians: Transsexual Edition

Beltway libertarians lose the plot in one really big way- they seem happy to buy whatever somebody is selling, even if it is fraud. Thus, to them, Monsanto isn't so bad, even though the corn they are selling isn't what people signed up for, nor is the extremely new and unfortunate reality of intellectual property in living things even thought out, much less dealt with in a way that makes sense for the rest of us.
I suspect, given that these people spend to much time in and around D.C., they have a higher tolerance for fraud. GMO food looks kind of like normal food, so why do we need to label? Well, the fundamental answer is that selling something new under the old name constitutes fraud in many cases.

Now, let's take a screeching turn into transsexual land. This isn't my doing. This is Scott Shackford over at Reason Magazine. He asks a bad question. Part of the answer has been given by Eric Raymond, apparently figured out the proposed 'therapy' for these feelings certain people have doesn't look like therapy:
Williamson’s contribution is to show that it’s quite difficult to construct a theory of “mental illness” that includes BIID but excludes transsexuality. Given the high frequency with which post-op transsexuals commit suicide, Willamson even could have argued that people with BIID are less ill than transsexuals, evidenced by the fact that they’re less self-destructive. Tellingly, suicide rates are not significantly lower among transsexuals who cannot get reassignment surgery.

So, obviously, as to the other part I point to the fraudulent nature of the 'therapy'. It is a lie. It is disfigurement of a human being during the perpetration of fraud. I think Bradley Manning should be free, but he should also be getting real information. The gender-as-construct police are providing cover for a criminal class of medical professionals, and attempt to institute a back-handed tyranny. We must, apparently, call a person what he is not, much as we are supposed to call relationships that are not marriage marriage, or mutated corn, corn, etc...

But this is also like all the pregnant women who could deliver naturally but end up with C-sections instead. And there's plenty of crap going on with cancer patients that is tantamount to fraud. Need I go on? Do you know what goes on in the funeral business?

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