Friday, October 4, 2013

Default Now, For The Children

A friend of mine made the mistake of actually listening to the drivel that comes out of Obama's mouth, and he had an interesting thought. He thinks Obama might let the U.S. government default on purpose. I don't think so. I tend to think the Republicans will cave just like they did before, and that Obama thinks so too, so he has no real reason not to play a little game of chicken with a bunch of chickens. Obama doesn't want to default, and the Republicans don't want to either, because then their gravy train ends. So, Obama starts talking about how it will end the economic system as we know it, because it will, for them. If they misread each other and end up defaulting they start losing power and fewer and fewer people will extend them any sort of credit to do the silly stuff they are doing now. Defaulting is more honest than what they are doing now- they keep inflating the money supply, so when they pay their debts, they pay with dollars that have substantially less value than the dollars they borrowed. Additionally, they keep piling on the obligations that we the people, and multiple generations later must pay.

Even now, Obamacare is being rolled out, and it has become obvious the basic scam is to force young, healthy people to sign up and pay, so that we can fund the baby boomers yet again. Since there is a mandatory tax or fine if you don't have a policy, there will be liens against houses, paychecks, and anything else they can get their hands on. The scary thing to us is not a default, but that the people in D.C. continue to have the funds to do what they want to do.

I hope they default. It'll be the first time they actually (and inadvertently, because I don't think any of them really get it or are that selfless) do something for the children. I hope they default on current debt, and subsequently, find themselves unable to get into any more debt. These people are so addicted to debt that they can't even come up with a budget. It would be lovely if people believed as I do, but principles do not appear to be as effective, especially on a governing body, as constraints.

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