Monday, January 27, 2014

You Can't Really Have A Culture War

I realized last night, or perhaps I was told, if you are prone any sort of mysticism, that you can't really have a culture war.
Cultures are grown. So, if one were to look at, say, Christendom, as an area in which there was once a culture, well, conceivably there was once a time where Christendom- being largely in a particular place and composed of particular institutions- could be defended.

But to defend now, well, what are you defending? Everything is gone. And what are you going to 'take back?'

No, you have to grow culture, and in order to grow culture, you have to develop a space in which to grow it and protect it.

The inordinate emphasis placed on evangelism and the poor mean most resources and assets are wasted on projects that will have no serious long term benefit.

The state happily subsidizes art, well, propaganda really, because even shocking blasphemies work well as pretexts for more government.

I don't see too much in the way of Christians funding art. Many churches are still afflicted by the past fifty years or so of bad taste, and again, the average Christian shall generously give, but seldom in a way that actually causes upward social mobility in the person given to. In any case, the propaganda that the state has thoughtfully beaten into our heads since childhood is easily reworked a little bit, with a few scripture verses added, and pushed back at you. In comparison, cultivation is hard.

The analogies of war suggest that the average American Christian is pretty much just as unreflective as most Americans, and that their conceptualization of culture has more to do with whatever the writers wrote for their television programs than it does with truth. There may be a time to defend, but it would be like defending a farm; most of the time, you tend your plants and animals, and make the environment conducive to growth. You only take up arms to defend when the wolf comes in.

But nowadays, you usually salute the wolf, and let the wolves play with your children.

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