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I can't make a good outline

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====== Home ======
Created Sunday 11 July 2010

Who [[:Person]]

What [[:Thing]]

When [[:Time]]

Where [[:Space]]

Why [[:Intention]]

How [[:Production]] Destruction?

[[:Meanings]] and their destruction
[[:Traditions]] and lies

I'm now not sure my structure works. It may work; it may leave stuff orphaned in funny places. Anyway, to refine the book's theme:

I want to point out basic areas in which we are lied to, especially those areas in which conservatives are failing us because they defend what they think is tradition without seeing that the tradition has been changed.

patents on food, copyright, intellectual property in general. voting
corporate persons, public property

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====== Intention ======
Created Sunday 11 July 2010

[[:narrative]] creation- often this is an after-the-fact add on.
[[:simple]] rationality- people use means because they think they will attain ends.

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====== Meanings ======
Created Thursday 15 July 2010

The alteration of a meaning, like capitalism. Capitalism is a simple system wherein folks work to accrue capital- properly speaking capital is not money, but goods used to produce a product. But today capitalism is blatantly conflated with corporatism. Corporatism is a form of socialism. In this way, the negative effects of government control can be disguised within a so-called private sector.

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====== Person ======
Created Sunday 11 July 2010

[[:knowing]] self via relationship to others
[[:owners]] kings, for instance
[[:value]] of persons

death's response- false persons
[[:states]] -instead of restitution for victims, for instance, the states pretends to be
the injured party. Do your time to the state or pay your dues to society-
not to the victim.

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====== Traditions ======
Created Thursday 15 July 2010

The conservative ethic is to defend tradition. The agents of death have a simple trick to employ; change something in one generation, and the next generation of conservatives will adopt it as tradition.

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====== Theoryofthedownfallof ======
Created Thursday 15 July 2010


One can see the royal families essentially as property owners, and their power arising organically (sadly also violently often times). One can certainly say many kings did not do well by their fellow man, but end of monarchs merely removed the owner; now nobody owns the place, and everyone is trying to get elected so they can spend everything we've got.

First, the industrialist manage to make a viable business and start making good profits. Second, the industrialists turn from entrepenuership to protecting their existing profits and securing better terms via the force of government. So, the industrialists would, for example, be able to enjoy cheaper labor, or make a lot of money with a national project (a train to Siberia, for instance). The industrialists could convince the royals by subtly altering the truth while appealing to tradition: the peasant's previous living and working conditions were used to justify their poor treatment in the industries. National projects were foisted upon the royals with appeals to nationalism. The kings had no systematic, or scientific understanding of governance, so they often fell prey to various pretexts, especially when the industrialists massaged their ego.

The communist, socialist, republican, and democratic revolutions did not redress the problem. Instead they stole the entire system. Now there was no longer an owner interested in improving the country, one that would have found it in his best interest to listen when a decent science of government came along, now the country is allegedly own by 'everyone'. Thus, it was owned by no one, and those in political power had zero personal interest in maintianing and/or improving the country. It is in each politician's personal interest to spend as much as possible during his term, and it should be blindingly obvious now that they do.

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