Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nobility & Cities (2 of 7)

Nobility and cities.
Building a city is the provenance of nobility. Romulus and Remus were sons of a king. In the
Shamenah, the aristocrats build cities.
To some extent, this is about as noble as building a factory. A proper city is a capital good, like a
factory, except that a city is more like what we call a platform today- like Amazon not only sells
books, but access to most of its infrastructure. Amazon knows they can't sell every product that
everybody wants, but if they make the platform easy enough, everyone will sell through it. Cities
were like this in real time/space. Cities were where the markets were, and people wanted to buy
and sell in the cities.
But the noblitiy do more than build the city. They also provide a biological target for the people.
Women are especially desirous of marrying above themselves- at least, as long as there is some
semblance of civility, and then they seem desirous of the biggest and baddest, though possibly that
is not really a preference, but a survival trait.
Anyway, if one does not want thugs to rule, one must develop a noble class, and for a city and its
hinterlands, the culmination of this class should be a king and his family. Thus, much
industriousness, especially should industriousness be lauded, shall be employed as women scheme
to either marry up themselves or marry off their children into the higher classes. Unfortunatey the
young women of the higher classes shall prefer someone they can imagine as above themselves, or
at least on the same tier- this will result in a desire to marry outside of the city, but this must be
refuted. Perhaps the best way to refute the desire to marry outside of the city is to encourage some
sort of competition through which men may be judged a peer
Frankly, I am all for dna testing and just generally trying to improve the line through seeing which
couples pair up the best from that perspective. I don't know that this sort of thing would answer the
psychological needs people have...
The heirarchy harnesses the hamster wheel of the female for the good of society. They scheme to
improve themselves and the lot of their children.

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