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Story, Permissions- don't remember what Tog was

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Created Sunday 10 April 2011

I never seem to actually make the book or anything. I feel like writing something, feel like this night is just being wasted. It is, but I probably should be cleaning rather than trying to write something. I want to connect, communicate, get a few people at least, but it seldom seems possible.

Its all just death and taxes. The agnosticism of daily life. The elder brother's temptation to unbelief. Here is the God of the Living- there are his followers, practically all of whom seem to think something other than life is important. They compromise with the leviathan, share in the distractions and make up some of their own. They relabel the demographic desolation created via the sexual revolution; the obvious crash that came about due to cheap and easy contraception gets called anything but what it is- and how often is that we hear the great big lie that men are the non-commital ones.

And there is the temptation- you read through, you get the sense of things, how stuff is supposed to be; and then you realize it ain't, hasn't been, won't be for sometime, and the very people who most claim GOD are often the problem. There is a demi-urge named reasonableness; a succubus of affability. Nothing changes. Oh, it will change, but wouldn't it be great if we could start slowing down the train before it's too late? Wouldn't it be great if those with the Spirit got it? WE could return to the natural order, or at least try. But we are at once conceited and innocent- naive little know it alls.

We have stories. Stories are good for encouragement. Stories are not good for defense.
Stories also suck for faith. If you hurt and you have a process, protocols that can be done via which you can heal; faith happens. If you hurt and somebody says, hey let me tell you a story. YEah keep telling that fucking story buddy. Its an empty lot, a Jesus devoid of personhood, of meaning.

Sometimes I wonder what faith actually means. Lately I wonder if it didn't mean some sort of permission- here GOD, you've got permission to work here. I wonder if this is testable. If it is it might be a very lonely test, because the guy I know who writes about it suggests various wordly authorities mess with the permissions network necessary for the kingdom of god to flourish. You can believe, but if you live in a place where the local authorities push out God and hang out with beelzebub, you still got problems. On the other hand, if enough like minded people got together then the kingdom could flourish. I wonder what the geometry looks like? Does one faithful person on a desert island go farther than a six faithful people under a pagan authority?

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