Monday, June 30, 2014

If anyone from People of Praise still reads this blog- stop starving your 'missionaries.'

Just straight up make those kids eat and maybe lift a little.

Look, I just saw a kid who was skinny in the first place, possibly even more skinny now, and he's wearing your uniform.

Yeah, I know, it is doubtful you will listen- you've just placed the guy who made the starving look popular on the board.

But try to get it through your choline deprived heads- this doesn't work.

You ought to take stock. A few of you actually look like you have a terminal disease. Many of you look like vegans.
I don't think the evangelism is working too well, when you look like zombies rather than believers in the God of the Living.

If you were responsible for anyone, you were responsible first and foremost, for those God already gave you. You aren't going to get more people- He's just going to take away what you had, because you don't listen.

At least have them eat liver or something. The Auschwitz look ain't gonna win you any converts.

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