Monday, June 2, 2014

Where Do You Worship?

Where do you worship?

It can be jarring to those who have emerged from a Christian enclave to learn that in the wider society, “religion” does not mean their religion, “morality” is not their morality, and “conservatives” are not engaged in conserving their culture. It must be tempting to think that their culture is still here, and can be rallied and strengthened and brought back. But the physical cathedrals that medieval Christians built are now museums, and any status that their occupants have in society is earned by conforming to progressivism rather than opposing it.

The conformity to progressivism is apparently in modern day evangelism.

So, we have this new religion, Universalism, and it is dominant in our culture. It has built institutions which, like the cathedrals of old, tell us what is good, how we should behave, who we should obey. It operates completely openly, with one exception—it does not admit that it is a religion. It maintains that it is just the recognition of the self-evident, and that its priests are just good and intelligent people.

This where we lose our power, even our very will. You are not evangelizing. You are throwing pearls before swine. And even should your work touch someone with sincerity, you have no place for them, because you think we should obey, behave, and think good what the new religion thinks. Just the money spent by Christians on pathetic college degrees proves most of us are serving the wrong cathedral. Your funds go to the leviathan, when, in the past they would go into productive lands or other forms of capital goods, so that your children could provide for themselves, and subsequently, for their community. Over time a city would form, and those who are of good will come to it. Places would have been made, examples would have been provided, and those who were not swine would have come to live as humans want to, instead of being stuck out here in the pig sty trying to do the best we can, because everywhere we turn we find we are being led by the foolish, who use our basic needs as a means to manipulate us.

Inspired by Anomaly UK's Cathedrals and Cultural Dominance.

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