Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Lows In Reportage: Forgetting To Point Out Ukraine Fighter Planes Bomb Eastern Ukraine Cities

This morning I heard a news piece on the radio in which it was stated that Eastern Ukrainians had brought down two Ukrainian fighter planes, but it was treated like these Ukrainian fighter planes were just sauntering around, minding their own business. Now, I have been really disappointed of late, as to the level of discourse, intelligence, etc- America is a lonely place for someone with my interests, but has it really sunk to this point where the media assumes it can put this kind of crap out without it entering into the mind of the people that maybe, just maybe, the planes were up to no good?

The level of propaganda may have reached the point where they subvert comment systems. I never got a full resolution on it, but I did find myself banned on a site, and when I emailed the owner of the site, he professed not to even know how to ban anyone. When I looked at my Disqus account, I found comments in which I tried to correct these annoyingly ridiculous anti-Russian sentiments were what got me banned.

It feels massively weird to realize Putin may be the only sane person running a country these days, and that he may well be responsible for keeping us at peace as long as we have been.

Meanwhile, this starts to feel like a set up. Russia sells gas to Europe. The United States has a lot of gas. It would be nice if they'd just lower the price and sell it to us, but they've got a nifty idea- create enmity between Russia and Europe and then sell gas to the Europeans. I think Hilary Clinton rather shamelessly promotes this as something Europe needs to do as an 'alternative energy strategy,' because Putin (and by implication Gazprom) doesn't deserve their business.

If you bring it back down to private property, and the fact that local defenders are far more likely to be defending their homes and family than military forces that travel to an area, then the idea that Kiev is sending fighter planes to the eastern cities should concern you and make you assume the people there are defending themselves. If someone comes with guns to your home and you fight back, you are trying to defend yourself. This is why the S.W.A.T. teams in America shouldn't be raiding people's houses like they do nowadays. It makes no sense to be forced to give up your right to defend yourself just because someone allegedly shouted 'Police!' right before they began their home invasion. People other than the actual police can say that. Additionally, the police are just flat out not supposed to be doing this, but then I suppose it is completely laughable to mention the Constitution at this point.

Once good and evil were ascribed to actions and we would be exhorted to strive for good and avoid evil. Now good and evil are to people in a manner consistent with the perceived best interests in whoever is powerful enough to push the news agencies around.

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