Monday, July 14, 2014

The 'Safe' Food Game

A recent interveiw at with Dr. Steven Gundry had me thinking how nice it would be if milk from cows with A2 casein, rather than the more predominant and novel (as these things go) A1 casein turned out to be something I could depend on as part of my regular food supply.

At first I thought this was a bit like gnosticism, since it is like finding secret knowledge, but then I realized it is more like the clean/unclean dichotomy.

But then again, this stuff is important. You can improve your life in measurable ways. I already have, so I know it. Meanwhile, I've seen guys go right down the tank while ostensibly doing all the right 'Christian' stuff. I suspect it is because it is no longer a religion but a brand brought to you by multimedia outlets, so there's no way anyone mainstream is going to tell you to put down the wheat, soy, etc...

Not that I think A2 milk is going to be spectacularly healing or anything, I just look forward to eating ice cream that is less likely to derail me than regular ice cream. I wonder, do Jews think they'll actually get healthier by eating kosher, or do Muslims think Halal meat is more nutritious? I doubt it. It is probably more to do with a spiritual sense of purity, and besides, I've heard Israelis have actually gotten into trouble because a lot of heavily processed foods high in Omega-6 oils are blessed with the designation of kosher. More heart attacks ensued. I wish I could remember where I read that.

Anyway. It's true people. Phytoesterol is the plant form of cholesterol and it is much more atherosclerotic than anything we produce naturally or get in animal products.

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