Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Give The Caliphate A Chance

The media call them ISIS, the administration calls them ISIL, but a young Muslim who is tired of the West will turn his little heart to the Caliphate. He, like most other young westerners will be superfluous here in the West. Despite creating small ethnic enclaves in which he can make himself feel better by threatening white people or pretending at Sharia, the he will know that it doesn't really matter- government is the provider and destroyer. But the Caliphate needs people.

Marine Le Pen ought to be offering free plane tickets. France could be for french people again.

See, there is something screwy about the propaganda here. These people are mostly called terrorists, and the media speaks as if they will suddenly show up here and kill, but at the same time any in depth piece on the Caliphate suggests that people are going over there and trying to build the Caliphate.

Logic suggests if they are over there, they are no longer over here- here being wherever you are.

Sharia law may be scary to Americans, but it looks a lot like when they crucify somebody, it is usually someone who committed murder. Obviously, I would prefer it, if they focused on things like restitution in theft cases, rather than cutting someone's hand off- a one handed criminal is less likely to be able to offer restitution or make a living for himself- but this kind of behavior is a difference in degree but not in kind to the U.S. justice system. The U.S. isn't focused on restitution either, but seems content in an ever expanding number of citizens in jail doing slave work for corporations.

This is part tongue in cheek, because obviously I don't want these lunatics overwhelming the Kurds, but part not, because there is plenty of trouble in Europe due precisely to the sort of people who seem to want Sharia law everywhere that retarded socialists have brought them in. And now, suddenly, there is place on the globe where Sharia lovers shall be welcomed.

What's the problem again? They are profaning the holy name of America? I mean, come on, they are not going to come to America and cause mayhem unless the CIA brings them here and provides operational support. No, they are going there, because there, in the midst of a desert, is where their idea of hope and change is, even if it is a mirage.

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