Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No More War

I have heard the mainstream media is bandying about this idea that 98% of Americans think we should do something that looks like war to destroy the Caliphate.

I am not one of the 98%. I don't believe that number. In fact I believe less of the official line than I used to because I know some of the laws against various government agencies propagandizing the American people were retired right before the media started mentioning this new organization invading Iraq.

We've got an artificial economy that practically requires war at this point. Whether it was intentional or not, the genesis of this current nonsense came from American foreign policy. Obama has been trying to make it politically acceptable to invade Syria for years. The Caliphate was founded with American money and weapons. The correct answer is to stop funding them.

I don't think this war on Ebola is a good idea either. 3000 soldiers, or 3000 test subjects? Is this a way to get to the oil deposits, or is there a pharmaceutical company with an Ebola vaccine that really needs Ebola to come to America, so they can profit off of mandatory vaccination of wealthy Americans? If the military sends a bunch of rejects to Africa, then we can assume it is just about Ebola, but if they send competent people it is mainly oil, but could be both.

Conspiracy theories are fun, but not really necessary. People in D.C. could just be that stupid.

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