Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prospective Father In Laws

I recently read the Free Northerner's Courtship and Young Men and I thought of this ridiculous behavior upon the part of the father versus, say Jethro- Moses father-in-law.

Moses, if you will recall, killed a man and fled Egypt. He's also a stutterer. He likely didn't show up at Jethro's door with much in the way of money.

Now, you kind of have to look at old testament father-in-laws in the bible because the new testament is rather light on that type of stuff, but we can notice there was such a thing as Christendom and there tended to be some version of dowry in various places. This is how young couples got the capital goods necessary to produce the stuff necessary to provide for themselves.

Additionally, if you people would please read St. Paul until you can finally get it through your thick heads that you are supposed to be marrying your young people off to each other before sexual sin has a chance to become much of a problem.

So just these two examples suggest Christians who are fathers actually take responsibility for setting their young ones up in some kind of productive business, and they do so very near puberty so that healthy, normal sexuality is allowed to flourish and deviancy finds it harder to take root.

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