Friday, January 30, 2015

Dear Brainwashed People, The Measles Outbreak is Because the Vaccine Doesn't Provide Herd Immunity, Not Because Of Not Vaccinating

Apparently there was a Disneyland outbreak, and silly Tumblr person thinks the terrible danger was some unvaccinated person lurking somewhere:

You don’t get vaccinated just to protect yourself. You do it to protect others.
Six of the cases were in infants too young to have been vaccinated.

Since posting Dr. Obukhanych's video on the subject, I have been asking around, and, indeed, there are everyday folks in real life who got the vaccine and then got measles anyway.

Herd immunity was a phenomenon discovered within populations that had suffered actual disease outbreaks.

The idea the vaccinations would provide herd immunity was merely an assumption, and the measles outbreaks, not to mention that disease that looks almost entirely like polio- but it can't be polio because our almighty government vaccinated polio out of existence- is proving this assumption is incorrect.

The flu shots are giving us similar information. Various strains of flu are put into these shots each year. Not only is the vaccination often the wrong one for the year, but we have also had situations where previous shots should have kept outbreaks from happening, yet outbreaks happened anyway- in populations most likely to get the vaccinations- like nurses, and government workers who are often required to take these things.

How bad does it have to get for people to start questioning whether or not the vaccine is effective? As simple review of the facts- i.e. measles outbreak in a country were almost every school aged child either has to get vaccinated or parents have to be rich enough to home school and/or otherwise pay more to avoid massive number of headaches- suggests that logically the vaccines are failing. Indeed, you can also just ask other human beings. It was rather trivial for me to find a real human being who remembers being vaccinated for measles and yet getting measles anyway- I bet this holier-than-thou crowd could find some folks like that too, if they stopped treating vaccines like some sort of sacrament and started thinking differently.

Oh, guess what? If these infants were too young to be vaccinated, were they young enough to be breastfed? If they were breastfed by mothers who actually had immunity, then these infants would not have gotten measles. They would have been protected.

Now, in this retarded day and age, the mothers may not even be breastfeeding them, and even if they are, the moms were likely vaccinated, and thus not able to provide immunity.

This the worst sort of blindness. We could see some seriously rampant outbreaks and possibly even some pretty fascist backlashes against people merely exercising their freedom to choose, while one of these diseases blows right through the vaccinated population, and how long will it take for someone with authority to realize the vaccinations are not working? If they can't follow the logic now, how will they arrive at the right conclusion when there is a crisis?

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