Friday, March 20, 2015

Parasites In Vain

So, I have this whole theory that Christianity has suffered particularly badly from the revolutionary period, revolutionary thought in general, and the subsequent rise of bureaucracy as the source of power rather than nobility. And I dislike modern evangelical efforts because they are inherently progressive in their content- Christian symbolism slapped on top of a revolutionary gestalt, which has never made any sense ever. People revolt against the king- the King does not revolt, nor does the Father.

And I have thought of another example- the relentless and myopic target audience for their evangelical message- people who are disadvantaged in some way, usually socioeconomically. The point here being that the modern evangelist engages people whom they feel they have an advantage over. Since evangelism is fast becoming the sort of social pastime you send your teenagers on vacation to- in the hopes this will distract them from perfectly normal biological urges that a sane Christian society would recognize as valid reasons to get them married- your target audience has to be very disadvantaged indeed.

In other words, not the sort of people who could create, develop, or maintain a church, community, or anything else.

There are, of course, strong biological reasons not to do this, as
Anti-Gnostic has attested to

But it is also cowardly. The relentless marketing of Jesus, of dumbing things down to the point where atheists could be forgiven for believing we are playing at word magic- mostly because a lot of people are attempting word magic with the name of Jesus. It plays well to those with low I.Q., but provides no sustenance at all to the intelligent, and for some reason the midwitted appear to have trouble identifying intelligence now, and they tend to out-group people with any substance.

These are self-destructive behaviors- as witness may I draw attention to the inglorious drop off of any sort of attendance in the very midst of these changes. It is also parasitic in the sense that, in a desperate attempt to get warm bodies into your organization, you seek out the sort who, generally speaking, cannot correct you. Either they simply don't have the intelligence, or they will be made to feel to do so will cut off their access to whatever benefits you can supply.

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