Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Is My Country Run By Stupid People?

Vox on the impending U.S. troop movement to Ukraine:
I imagine Putin is already conferring with his generals about the best way to encircle and capture this battalion, which would be a bigger military humiliation for the United States than the Vietnam War combined with the failure of Operation Eagle Claw.

This is an outrageous, idiotic provocation. I feel it must be well and truly idiotic because an evil person with less stupidity would likely save those soldiers for actual battles. Perhaps this is stupid evil, like that guy I once met who tortured a cat by putting it in a washing machine.

The false government in Kiev has been caught several times telling tall tales (and possibly shooting down a passenger plane) in an attempt to rally U.S./Europe to their cause. So, if the U.S. send troops there, and Russia manages to restrain itself- and frankly, from a strategic perspective, it is not clear that it should- what would stop these Ukrainian thugs from attacking them under false pretenses?

The U.S. is so invested in the narrative, I wonder whether they have bothered to keep track of how often their puppets lie, and lie badly.

And then there is another stupidity: As of yet, no official Kurdistan.

This is the low hanging fruit of the Iraq mess, yet apparently the U.S. gov. is actually interfering with it. I heard somewhere Germany wanted to arm the Kurds, but USG told them not to. Ostensibly the problem is Turkey, but the real problem is USG pride. Turkey would be reasonably easy to handle- first you make sure the Kurdish oil goes through Turkey, so suddenly some of their so-called concerned get mollified. Second, you (and the Kurds) promise to root out the Commies. Yes, folks, stupid 19th century ideologies strew the Middle Eastern landscape, causing more damage than landmines. Anyway, the sort of Kurds that tend to upset the Turks are the communist sort, who don't mind blowing something up every once in a while.

Now, the larger picture of the Middle East is one of massive American stupidity. Kurdistan is a chance to stabilize one little piece, but USG can't even do that. No, they keep insisting Baghdad be part of the picture, at the expense, even, of Big Oil. Multinationals with assets in the area can't get USG to move. Washington D.C. must be run by a bunch of people who enjoy hearing cats screaming bloody murder as they tumble around in a washing machine, and not a one of them should be allowed to be in charge anymore.

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