Friday, June 12, 2015

How To Understand Anarcho-Tyranny

Inspired by The Future Primaeval's Social Techology and Anarcho-Tyranny.

Anarcho-Tyranny is most easily understood when it is applied to the Pope. The pope has a lot of power and can make the rules. The proper thing to do then, as pope, is change the rules, and then do what ever it is you wanted. Among Catholics, this sort of issue is most noticeable when there are liturgical practices that everyone is supposed to follow, but the Pope decides not to follow them. A lot of other people decide to not follow them too.

Now, if the pope were an orderly sort of person, he would at least change the rules first, and then do whatever it is he wants, but he doesn't. He simultaneously flouts some rules and then enforces other rules according to his whim.

Thus we end up with both anarchy and tyranny. We experience both. The progressives usually thrive in this sort of situation.

Of course, life does not survive very well in the long term under an anarcho-tyranny, especially one that touches economics. Freedom is important to a productive economy, but so is a certain predictable order. In some cases predictable order is more important. No one is going to sow a harvest if the predictable order happens to mean the local tyrant is likely going to come and burn it before it ripens.

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