Monday, June 29, 2015


Vox Day posted about the Texas governor's statement about gmarriage. (The term comes from William M. Briggs and actually means government defined marriage- of course, this has been a problem since well before this particular Supreme court ruling.)

Anyway, the misdirection part is Governor Abbot not talking about specifically nullifying this court, but instead moving to a promise of protection. Why would that be? My guess is it is a backhanded way of saying vote for me or else. A continuation, in my opinion, of the empty lies. No, he, and anyone else at his level, must, if they are actually doing their job, directly risk themselves. In other words, if they were doing what was right, they'd be at least mildly worried that some federal agents somewhere might be showing up to put them in jail. As governor, Abbott has access to resources that individual people just don't have, like the national guard, state police, various and sundry officials.

But promises to help Christian Texans avoid persecution? Please. This will probably encourage persecution. The republicans make persecutions happen just before election time so they can scare the plebes into voting for them again.

No, none of them deserve a vote unless they are willing to take real risks.

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