Friday, June 19, 2015

Performance Art

This week, on No Agenda, John C. Dvorak suggested that Rachel Dozelal, having a Master's in Fine Arts and all, is actually performing.

This is not a strange as one would believe- especially not in the art world. The pathetic mattress girl was encouraged to carry that stupid mattress around, rather than being properly embarrassed.

But better than that there is a play, made into a movie: The Shape of Things in which Rachel Weisz plays an artist who manipulates a man for her art project. I don't find this movie enjoyable, but I think it is quite good, mostly to convey the ghastly situation in which we find ourselves.

Anyway, Dolezal filed her lawsuit against the college in 2002. The Shape of Things came out in 2003. She's an artist- it is even reasonable to assume she's seen it, because it would no doubt be popular among the elite art crowd.

Either way, she's got to be a narcissist, but the assumption that her family life led to this leaves us with some sympathy for her. What if it isn't her parents? What if this is performance art?

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