Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm Pretty Sure I Could Make Reddit Profitable

I occasionally see these apologies for Pao, suggesting she was only doing what she was doing to try and get to the point where Reddit could be monetized.

I don't even fool with reddit, but I've seen a similar thing elsewhere- a generally unregulated and often confrontational space is good for hypotheses generation. Hypotheses generation is the start of experimentation, which can lead both to new discoveries and new products. Why not start a research and development department? That whole rapid prototype thing, keep the price low, etc...

Now, the apologetics imply that Pao was not implementing progressive morality for herself, but so that other corporations could see Reddit as a safe place to advertise, or something. The valley must be an echo chamber. Meanwhile there is the rest of the country, where we like the former Mozilla CEO more than we like any Mozilla product. There used to be coders there; now there are rainbows.

I suppose I should just take it as evidence for the existence of the devil, that all these corporate types are too moronic to realize at least a few of them ought to get off the progressive morality train wreck. In any case, if you are Reddit, why not at least argue this? Seek out smaller corporations that aren't as afraid of improper SJW signalling? Actually suggest that making games gamers like rather than caving into whiny little brats with no talent, who mysteriously get paid to whine, is a good idea. Man, we could have a whole anti-progressive fashion show, where there are none of those comical looking hipster pants.

Funny, that last thought made me look up Benetton. I was wondering if they still existed, being, as they were, on of the first to push the whole multi-cult thing. Turns out they are, and they still have that 'united colors' thing, but
everybody on their front page looks pretty white. Do we have a clear sociological arc on corporate branding? Is Bennetton in a quiescent purgatory phase? There seems to be some indication Bennetton had to grow up along with it's clientele.

The silicon valley often doesn't get as far as Bennetton did, because the real name of the game is credit and start up money. Viable products aren't what they are looking for.

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