Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No More Revolution

Papa Francis has spoken one of my trigger words:
This is what it means to evangelize; this is the new revolution – for our faith is always revolutionary – this is our deepest and most enduring cry.

No, Papa, our faith is always restorative. It is about redemption and repair. Revolutionaries tear things down. Why would a King do such a thing? Against whom would He rebel? God? Well, He is God, and the second person of the Trinity, is not, as far as I am aware, in the mood to usurp the first.

Christian revolution is a myth:

If Jesus were a revolutionary, he had two groups of people he could have revolted against: The Romans, and the Hebrew leadership. He did not revolt against either. Rather He submitted to them.


We aren't revolutionaries either. The message of revolution encourages ideas about secret knowledge, ideological purity, and discrimination. A revolution is militaristic; how many of our brothers and sisters are strong enough to put up with physical hardship? Regardless of whether the group is violent or pacifist, this sort of thinking immediately creates divisions.

Yes, I am quoting myself. Papa wants to go out and play with strangers again. Gee, I wonder why so many of us don't have a home. Revolutions destroy. Revolutionaries do not respect the family. All is secondary to the ideology, but God is not the god of ideology.

God is the God of the living.

I suppose many people would think I am making a big thing out of a little thing, but it is time people, far past time for you to realize you have conformed too much to this world, and you cannot think clearly because of it. We have no holy things anymore. We have to separate that which is sacred from that which is profane. Start with this damnable word, this foolish idea. There is no revolution in Christ.

But where there is no legitimate governance, it may well be just to provide it, which may make some very foolish people who think they are in charge unhappy.
They much prefer you wasting all your resources on endless evangelism while never noticing the church is crumbling away. It is funny to hear a pope saying not to throw anyone away, and yet knowing I and so many others have been thrown away. There is some weird equivalent here to some divorcée who keeps up a string of new trysts with strangers in order to distract herself from the fact that she's destroyed her marriage and turned her children out into the streets.

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The Anti-Gnostic said...

Welp, at least you and I agree.

If it's any comfort, I've gotten several impassioned EM's from Christians who are noticing the same sort of things we are, and my referral and reader stats suggest a number of serious-minded people are beginning to talk about these things.

Baby steps, as you say.