Monday, August 17, 2015

Conspiracies: The simultaneity of intelligence and stupidity disrupts credulity

The trouble with certain conspiracies is that one has to, on the one hand, believe that certain folk are smart enough to conspire, and then on the other hand, dumb enough to want the deluge that ensued.

Most obvious to me is all conspiracies with Free Masonry at it's core. Sedevacantists seem to be all in on this one, but the Freemasons don't get many devotees these days, now do they? As church attendance goes down, so does their membership. The whole mass of civic society, all those old clubs, and whatnot- dying in this awful age that they were supposedly helping usher in.

I don't know. It isn't like I am saying they are force for good, or anything. I'm just saying the simultaneity of being impossibly clever and yet so short sighted so as to create a society so dysgenic as to not only end your very own institution, but to rot out your own kind, by inverting all the rules of decent breeding, allowing way too much mutation accumulation, etc...- it just seems a bit far fetched.

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