Friday, September 11, 2015

Try Stuff At Home

I have heard 'don't try this at home' my whole life. I just read it this morning on, in reference to this:

Due, probably to Henry Dampier's satire on Social Matter, I just realized the constant repetition of sort of admonition is not a good thing.

Indeed, the one arena in which I do try stuff at home is the one arena in which, until recently, people were encouraged to try at home: cooking.

When I was a kid, there were cooking shows that at least purported to teach you how to cook. I liked watching them, and I would try stuff at home.

I gave up watching TV long ago, and the Food channel had already switched from real cooking to spectacle. I remember this particular show on a Vegas contest with a lot of professionals making sculptures out of sugar. The people at home won't try that. It isn't even food.

And then there's Jack Spirko. If he could, I think he'd probably reach through the internets and give us all a collective slap. His message? Do something!

I particularly like it when he is screaming, "We create life!"

Trying stuff at home is actually hard, because it has to happen after work, gym, groceries, etc... I don't do as much as I'd like. Especially Jack's favorite idea, which is to start a business. That one always seems just out of reach.

But I digress. Try stuff at home. This is what our ancestors did. This is what inventors and innovators did.

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