Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The False Allure Of the Unprincipled

Principles do not sell well with the unprincipled. People can get confused about this, for the unprincipled do not have poor reactions to what they perceive as new things, while the principled will fight tooth and nail if they think a principle new to them interferes with one they picked up earlier. I think libertines often give libertarians an initial positive response- especially if the libertarian limits his remarks. But the libertine wants to maintain his current edge upon the rest of the world. He wants his costs externalized as much as possible, and he (and most definitely she: notice that abortion, birth control, etc... are all called 'health care' by these narcissists) shall insist on government for that reason.

The principled, meanwhile, come with all sorts of principles, and all sorts of priorities.

If a principle is to be adhered to widely, you must figure out how to get principled people to add it to their collection.

A vast amount of resources are wasted in this world attempting to get the unprincipled to adopt one. This is, usually, deeply unfair to the principle, because they have no earthly idea how to properly care for it. It is also unfair to the principled, because they- through slow growth and having a proper position in society can actually manage some semblance of a principled culture even among the unprincipled, assuming we are allowed proper governance rather than the obscenity we have now.

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