Thursday, December 10, 2015

¡Sí, Se Puede!

We have been under a regime that insists that we can do what we can't.

Things are currently falling apart. My own health insurance company is deeply in the red because of Obamacare. Better hope I don't get sick.

It was said we could do all these things, so they went on and tried. And they failed. They will never accept that they really, truly failed. They will look at their own aftermath, and, much like they did after Hurricane Katrina, they will blame someone else- never realizing for a second that their name calling merely reinforces our point. Don't do this stuff with government. If George Bush was actually an evil racist, that still means you can't do this stuff with government. I think there is something systematically wrong with modern government; you think magical evil chameleons can become president and make hurricanes hit a badly run city- at the end of the day, the logic to both conclusions, is don't do this stuff with government.

Now, we have a at least one candidate saying stuff people claim is unthinkable and not doable. To which I say, "¡Sí, Se Puede!" First, Trump has demonstrated this stuff is not unthinkable, because he thought it. Secondly, they are actually doable. Much more doable than Obamacare. Much more doable than whatever the hell was supposed to be our foreign policy since our country became aware of the names Bush & Clinton. Much more doable than the diversity initiatives and the college bubble, which has directly barred many competent people's path (as well as my own).

I heard an interesting, sort of conspiratorial theory about Japan recently: apparently, at one point they had a communist movement. It was mostly college students. One of the things that was done was to tear down communal housing and replace it with a bunch of cheap one person apartments. This allegedly was done to keep political movements from forming. If true, it worked.

So, if anyone were (whether libertarian, utilitarian, or just interesting in keeping their cushy job rather than getting thrown out) interested in learning a valuable lesson, it would be stop doing the thinkable, but not doable, or else someone will come along and do the things you think are unthinkable. It is especially helpful to recognize there are particular people who can do quite a lot of things- they will either be led into jobs that keep civilization running along quite nicely, or they will (as they are now) be discriminated against in favor of harebrained schemes, and when it gets bad enough, they will rise up and do these supposedly unthinkable things.


Nathaniel said...
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Nathaniel said...

My plan went up 20% last year (with a non-profit), and they removed the ability to use an HSA with it. It also increased substantially the year before.

Before ACA we qualified for a much cheaper, better state-run plan, but that was all dismantled.

August said...

It is amazing to me this isn't rather high on the list of things talked about in the mainstream because most voters are going to get burned on this one.