Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Short Bus of Sociology

I've been subscribed to orgtheory for years, and as you'd guess from standard sociology, there have been plenty of dumb things said. I have ascribed these dumb things to ideology, tribalism, and probably identity politics.

But now, this:

Openly embrace positivism/science as our motivation and professional model

I know Von Mises is treated like a bastard child nobody wants to talk about, but, since 2008 there's been a lot of talk on this subject. The sort of 'oh shit, this is an emergency, we need to fix this stat!' type of talk. The sort of talk that rejects positivism as anything but self-delusion and recommends some serious analysis of one's aprioris.

This guy does posts like this on occasion- how to improve sociology's image- but he just added an image of a short bus. Not only that- a short bus in which all the people are encased in ivory bubbles. They can no longer work in ivory towers, because of the view. Their eyes might alight on something disconcerting should they work in a tower.

This credentialism nonsense has got to go. I was just talking to someone yesterday about her degree. Her husband had said it was a crap degree back when she got it. I know it is a crap degree, because I had planned to go get one myself, but then I got into the field and saw it for the scam that it was. The craziness, of course, is that she gets paid more than him (and probably me) because of the degree. A reward for conformity. Also, a damn drain on society. The HR departments tend to value them in lieu of being able to test for competence, but if America was free, there would be much cheaper alternatives.

But anyway. I am beginning to see this cultural Marxist milieu in which American education has mired itself as turning into a facility for creating fascists. We already see this online and with Trump's popularity. There's no doubt listening to this guy lecture would cause serious problems for intelligent students- and then there are all of these protesters, pronoun wars, and other nonsense.

I can imagine some poor kid trying to be a good little progressive until that last little retarded thing happens, and then suddenly he's like, "Seig Heil, motherfucker!"

And, this professor, like so many in academia, doesn't appear to have any sense of self preservation. Maybe he will after he sees how many Democrats vote for Trump? Nah, that would mean he would have to do math.

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