Friday, January 22, 2016

Standing Against, Rather Than Standing For

David Boaz at Cato joins the National Review cuckservatives against Trump:

The National Review symposium was posted last night at 10 p.m., and I took note of it on Facebook and Twitter. It drew a lot of reaction. And I must say, I was surprised by how many of the responses, especially on Twitter, were openly racist and anti-Semitic.

You shouldn't be- here's why. You are allegedly a libertarian. You should have some understanding of the need for just behavior. So, we see several decades of open, systematic discrimination against whites. We see constant attacks on all rights, but in this particular case we see the right to freedom of association and private property have been consistently broken by this government. So, when you see openly racist and anti-Semitic crap, you should realize this is part and parcel of the injustice these people feel.

Which leads me to the crux of the title. The conservatives have spent absolutely no time actually standing for their people. The libertarian may occasionally defend freedom of association and private property, but more often he is defending open borders in a country that continually infringes on freedom of associate and private property, so the injustices simply increase, and neither citizen or immigrant can make free transactions. The government and a tiny elite class benefit from the immigration problem, while the rest of us suffer.

Additionally, there appears to be this inability to notice that Democrats are happily importing people who will vote for them, rather than going quietly into the night, like they should have.

I don't plan to vote for Trump because I know he doesn't hold my principles, but I don't stand against him. I don't vote for anyone. We have not had a legitimate nominee in quite sometime- the parties seem to insist on nominating people who cheerfully promise to violate the Constitution.
I don't stand against Trump because there is no way you can tell me he would be worse than any of them on either side of the aisle. He may not do well, but on practically any issue I tune in on, he actually provides something that sounds sensible- at least in the short term. One could reasonably assume he would kill the fewest people, given that his foreign policy statements seem much less warlike than what the rest of the Republican candidates (and Hilary) have said.

But, instead of being honest about it, you play this negative card. You stand against. You have nothing to stand for. Nor do you or any of the candidates have any record to stand on, which is another reason why Trump can make so much hay. You have to take care of your people. If you don't, you lose. You can't make convenient excuses to yourself about how this or that person is racist, or even just a man, like Tucker Carlson did, and it doesn't really matter. I didn't see it coming either, but now that is it here, it seems obvious- the left has been propagandizing identity politics for years; they just tried to pretend white identity was off limits. So, you get guys rejecting the left, but not necessarily able to do deprogramming on themselves.

You are probably done, now, already. The cake is already baking. If you are not done, if you can save your careers- the way lies in taking care of your people. Maybe this thought comes easier to me because I am an elder brother, and have notice this is a role elder brother used to have, back when we weren't all a bunch of egalitarian idiots. Some of these guys are going to need their freedom of association and private property so that they can go off and have their all white community. Nothing else is going to heal them.

But what is also going to be funny, is all the black and latinos who vote for Trump too. The democrats who are just as fed up at the rank and file level anyone else. I can't imagine any of the democrat guys I know voting for Hilary, and Sanders only appeals to the hipsters.

No, I think this stand against Trump is likely a pretext for shenanigans. They will all circle their wagons and pretend they are right. Then they will betray the American people again. The concept of repentance is lost on these men.

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