Thursday, March 3, 2016

$20 Problems: The Temptation of Modern Evangelism

I think I picked up a meme from Joel Olsteen of all people. A long time ago he, or somebody like him said something about a $20 problem. It made some self-help sort of sense, I think, coming from the standpoint that $20 problems were easy to fix. Olsteen or whoever rolled out this little spiel about stressing out too long over some little problem that he could make go away with $20.

I do think it makes a bit of sense how it was presented. The $20 problem is easy to fix.

But there's a lot of $20 problems.

I think modern evangelism is a temptation. Don't focus on what is necessary to create Christian society- rather, focus on how good it feels to solve $20 problems for other people. Yes, you can make a real difference in someone's life, but it isn't necessarily an unalloyed good if you were supposed to be doing something else. It is also often a material assist to evil.

If you open the gates to an enemy, are you not a traitor?

If you spend the family fortune in foreign lands, have you not impoverished your family?

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