Friday, May 6, 2016

The Quest For The Magical Particle Is Part Of The Collapse

From Grey Enlightenment, Logical Inconsistency of Collapse-ism:

This is one of a handful of topics where some on the ‘alt right’ may be logically inconsistent. They gaze in awe at technology, mathematics, and physics discoveries but then advocate ‘collapse-ism’. But collapse of society would grind this math and science progress to a halt. But you can’t have your collapse and get to keep your innovation too. I imagine in a collapsed society the first proprieties will be rebuilding, not abstract cerebral endeavors.

Of course, his example Is yet another "Hey guys, we are about to discover a new particle again!' story from CERN.

In this case, there need be no inconsistency. I don't know whether or not the arbiters of the alt-rightness would let me in their club, but CERN is one of the examples government funding of science gone wrong. The mythical particle hunt continues to be one of those 'sciency' things that hasn't really amounted to much- except for the billions of dollars spent and fun toys a few folks get to play with.

In other words, I expect it's a little bit like multivariant computer model scams that have brought us the never ending propaganda of 'climate change.' As I have mentioned before, there are a lot of sciency projects, which should be checked against the real world, but since it is cheaper, a lot of folks are using computer models. The signs are that people are doubling down on this, with big data. It will not turn out well.

It seems to me there used to be something smaller than CERN, and that the research from the 'less than CERN' was mostly just used to justify building CERN. They will likely not actually find the magical particle, but their research will support the idea of more funding, and a SuperCERN as soon as possible.

What Grey Enlightenment fashions as the success of the intelligent, I see a mostly the success of the clever- innovation that maximizes existing technology and an understanding of how to exploit human behavior. The geniuses, more often than not, are still marginalized. Climate is a good example- the ideological and fund raising necessities of the current regime means geniuses are going to be pushed out. I don't see too many of them lasting very long in Silicon Valley either, what with the Social Justice Warriors everywhere.

Indeed, they are very likely extremely asocial, perhaps in a cabin somewhere, extremely frustrated that they can't get anyone to listen to them. And since family formation has tanked in this country, they likely don't have their version of Mrs. Einstein to take care of them.

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