Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why Christians Can't Accept Cultural Appropriation As An Appropriate Critique

Most of the time, progressives pick up things that are easy to pick on. The drunk frat boy in a sombrero. A full Indian headdress on someone not Indian. The sort of things the 'nicer' sort of Christians, including those who appear to be nice at the expense of Christianity, can easily get on board with- like when feminists whine about Trump insulting fat women.

But here's why a Christian can't really play ball with the cultural appropriation meme: we know this is part of the progressive, secular religion, and as such true revelation is not allowed, thus in cultural appropriation terms, we are thieves.

Yes, that's right, we- according the the cultural appropriation mafia, stole the Jewish scriptures, added some of our own notions, and then went and told the entire freaking world about it! We are the ultimate cultural appropriate transgressors.

No doubt, we are also the ultimate target.

Yoga would be cultural appropriation, well, if it was actually Hindu in someway, rather than being a bit of guru scam perpetrated on gullible western women. But if they were to be intellectually consistent, they should give up yoga, and their new love of Holi Phagwa.

Now, obviously, we didn't steal anything- God did some very interesting things, and we ended up with what we ended up with. This explanation is completely unacceptable to the progressive police, so you better not lend any validity to this nonsense.

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