Monday, June 27, 2016

Class(less) Warfare

Ended up giving up on Cafe Hayek too. Many so-called libertarians are proving they are part of their own class, in that case the academic class, serving as useful idiots. Tariffs aren't great, but so what? Back when the country was run on tariffs, we were freer. Sure, Trump isn't promising to shut down the I.R.S., but he is promising less taxes, and a better deal for businesses in America. Everybody better get on board with this soon- either you make it feasible to hire people, or you are going to lose your entire flipping tax base as corporations figure out how to automate everything.

They are just insulting people.

And whether here or across the pond, all dissent against the progressive bureaucrats is reinterpreted as hate, usually racial hate.

Makes me angry.

And they ratchet up the violence too. Still obviously not something real, something manufactured, something forced on the political landscape by the establishment. I see in places on the internet, especially in permaculture, a coalition of the right and left- as long as they are doers and not jack-asses. Seriously, preppers and hippies finding some common ground, well, literally, in a shared desire for better soil so that they can grow better food. Yes, there are also the S.J.W. protester types who want to somehow appropriate everything the doers are doing.

The real interesting thing with Brexit is there were left and right voting to leave, in opposition to their leaders.

Enough folk of every persuasion showing up to say, well, that's enough of that. This is the type of vote I'd like; a type of vote that basically ensured I'd never have to vote again. Never another idiot showing up and trying to mis-use the government. Would be nice.

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