Friday, July 22, 2016

An Interesting Phenomenon

All through this election season, what has made me feel like siding with Trump most are the idiots who malign him. It is often very obvious they would also malign me, and do so even though they don't know me, since I am one of many single white male Americans. They would certainly malign me if they knew me as well.

Trump's policies, however, are not mine. Many of them certainly make more sense than other politicians. I am very happy that he seems less likely to go to war everywhere.

So, Trump picks Pence. I end up feeling less interest in Trump. Suddenly, there's a politico that looks like a career politico. Maybe Trump has control over him, or maybe the elites start planning the assassination now. Maybe a bunch of them get around him and exploit him like they did the Tea Party.

Additionally, I had no interest in watching the Republican convention.

Interestingly though, I get a few things in my feed reader attacking Trump's speech, and here I am tempted to tell the writer off again. It seems to me- and I've read some analysis on the speech, so I am somewhat familiar with it- that everybody should get what was said. Maybe disagree with how to deal with certain issues, but accept that these are issues.

How badly do people have to lose, how wildly disparate to reality do their imaginations have to be for them to shut up?

Well, if they are wealthy and have benefited at all from the last decade or so, I suspect they won't shut up until their money runs out. This is the true reality distortion field. If you are wealthy in this country, you can insulate yourself very well.

Trump obviously has the ability to insulate himself, yet he is aware of what those of us who cannot afford the good neighborhoods have to go through.

This is a powerful thing to be able to do.

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