Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Desperation borne of Criminality

I've mentioned this in a place or two, and I figure I should put it on my own blog too.

The hysteria over Trump. It isn't just normal politics. There has been tacit agreement for years between Democrats and Republicans not to go after each other.

Both Republicans and Democrats are afraid that they won't just end up out of power- they are afraid they'll end up in jail. Of course, Hilary Clinton is the most worried one, but plenty of politicians and bureaucrats are too. The F.B.I. obviously has investigations that it has never gone anywhere with- apparently they are only able to go after people who upset their own party bosses.

But the main political action against Trump, should he get in, would be to stonewall. In addition to existing investigations, there's C-SPAN. There are hearings about various things and various bad actors talking about those things. The simple thing would be to replace anyone who is not amenable.

Even if he isn't thinking about it, he probably will. That's why they are screaming like babies. The game is about to be up.

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