Friday, September 16, 2016

An Apparent Mandate Of Heaven

In a way that reminds us cuckoldry, many pro-life voters are discovering the power of not voting now, precisely when they can't vote for a candidate who pretends to be a loyal servant to them while flagrantly helping the left push their agenda forward. Now, cut off from their preferred cheating bastard candidates, they begin to realize that, at least in theory, they might be noticed if they stay home.

This won't effect Trump. It would effect many, many would-be Republican candidates desirous of a chance to have a decent political career. There are people who look at the numbers and doing polling. This is not Trump.

No, a block of non-voters who may be potential voters is going to interest politicians at the margins, like perhaps a local politician who figures out he can get a few more voters to the polls if he advocates for people being able to keep chickens within city limits.

Yes, I know. You want to be more special than the back-to-the-land hipsters who can't make it out of the ersatz neighborhood, but you've been voting for the wrong people for years, and you've got some penance coming your way.

Anyway, let me get to what the title refers.

We've got no great symbology of the demise of the American Empire. We've got no Berlin wall- in fact, if we get walls, they will be a sign of finally reigning ourselves in. We've got no Yeltsin.

But we do have this interesting effect of Trump showing up to the party, and everybody else just sort of imploding.

We can, at the very least, take this as a suggestion that the mandate of heaven has most certainly been removed from the decrepit hegemony.

It is also quite amazing that Trump seems to take no serious damage from apparent mistakes.

The ways seem to be made smooth for him.

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