Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hypothesis: Social Media Companies Weaker Than The Old Media Companies Were

The old media companies merely needed you to watch. The new social media companies need you to react in their respective (walled or not) gardens.

Views are not enough. They want comments, or better still, new content created. Yet meanwhile, some of them have embarked on SJW censorship. Vox day talks about a project he has under wraps, called the Big Fork, which is a reference to what is done in free software when enough developers disagree over the direction of a project.

Which shows one of the strictures social media is in- they desperately want reaction, but not that sort of reaction. They don't want you to take your ball, go build a new place to play, and beat them.

I also wonder how effective they are in the long term as a venue for self-improvement. Why? On a fundamental level, self-improvement leads to less reactivity.

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