Monday, November 14, 2016

Accuracy In Translation

Japan Today makes mention of a japanese news program critized for mistranslating Lady Gagas protest message. The now nearly infamous 'Love Trumps Hate' was translated as “Toranpu ga kirai," or 'I hate Trump.'

While the Japanese audience missed out on the sophisticated wordplay involved, they did receive an accurate translation. Indeed if we were to take 'Love Trumps Hate' seriously as a phrase, then we would expect it to be coming out of the mouths of triumphant Trump supporters, for Trump has certain overcome the forces of hate, and for his love of our country, he is willing to take a serious pay cut, and suffer a downgrade in his luxurious lifestyle- I assume he must spend at least some time at the White House and fly in far less luxury in Air Force One.

Sure, these are indignities that shouldn't be too hard to overcome, yet they still point to a willingness to sacrifice.

But this phrase is coming from Trump's enemies, as if they are not aware who trumped whom. And most certainly, these children do not understand love, probably because of the ritual abuse administered to them by the left. The riots are, of course, criminal, and they should have to pay for their crimes- but when you hear the delusional nonsense come out of their mouths, well, their parents, teachers, etc- we should find out who abused these children. Even if it is just a side-effect of watching too much T.V.- it should become quite unacceptable for the sort of indiscriminate bomb throwing we've heard this election.

There's still no sign them stopping- already they are trying to paint some appointee as a white supremacist.

It is ridiculous. This translator got it completely right. Lady Gaga hates Trump. Ultimately, that's all the slogan conveys.

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