Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Obama Can't Pardon Himself

Well, I am happy, not least because my 'bubble' isn't the reality distortion field that the mainstream said it was.

But I'd like to get this message out to Obama, who must certainly be in anguish at the total rejection of his actions this past 8 years.

Get over it, and throw yourself on the mercy of Trump.

Now you've been implicated in this email thing of Hilary's, because there are supposedly emails of yours but under a false name, which kind of sounds like you knew it was wrong but did it anyway- but, if I am right, there are those other things- you probably don't call them felonies, but other people will, if they find out about them.

After the shock wears off, a huge part of bipartisan D.C. is going to freak out and start trying to figure out how to destroy the evidence.

Since you can't pardon yourself, why not make a deal? Trump needs to be able to clean out the obstructionists in the bureaucracy. You can help Trump. Maybe Trump can help you.

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Nathaniel said...

I had the same fear (that maybe my news circle was a little biased), but the insane turnout at Grand Rapids near me seemed to suggest "something was in the air".

I suppose sourcing all your opinion and information from tiny, corrupt, elitist circles in NYC and DC had a biasing effect to the Democrat's own plan and views. I imagine it certainly contributed to their loss.