Thursday, December 8, 2016

Filled With Imagination, They Could Not Serve The Lord

I've been noticing a similarity to stories.

Someone has an emotional experience, which seems to initiate a conversion. I say initiate a conversion, because I don't feel the conversion is completed due to subsequent events.

Anyway, the emotional experience leads them to decide God matters.

Wherever they end up, they are in the modern, western world, where there is no end of 'teaching', and no end of entertainment.

From a spiritual perspective, it is not long until they reach a particular point. There is waiting to be done, but this clashes with American ideals. Surely something can be done. Even from a personal perspective, I sometimes feel this way. I could at least be waiting in better style.

This is where the 'teachings' come in. They provide the Christian with the illusion of progress. And, if you play Christian rock songs loud enough, you might be able to temporarily ignore the lack of Theophany.

Along with our modern entertainment complex, the never ending 'teachings' provide our imaginations with fodder to churn away.

I am thinking that, for many, the imagination becomes what dwells within.

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