Friday, January 27, 2017

Bilateral Trade Deals- Will The U.S. Get More Investment?

Assuming things hold as they currently are, what do we get in a bilateral trade deal with the U.K.? Japan?
It is hard for me to imagine an answer involving something made in those countries. Trump wants stuff made in America.

So everybody invests in America?

A lot of 'investment' comes from capital markets- debt markets really. And Steve Keene has pointed out too much private debt means economies go zombie. His model also suggests that the entrepeneur trades employees for automation- and the financial sector gets an ever growing portion of the entrepeneur's income. Until everything stops, of course, because nobody is employed anymore and can't buy the entrepeneur's products.

But the sheer size of these financial markets are insane. Just what we have in America is crazy. Then potentially add London and Tokyo to the mix. And, what?

There is a potential that it just won't work.

But the willingness that companies have shown to shift behaviors just because of Trump's Presidency means they might shift to make it work. Perhaps it will be a bubble; perhaps Keene's model does not encompass the damage government regulatory costs has done to labor.

It would be nice if it were not debt driven.

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