Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Obermann Window

On No Agend Episode 897, Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak talked about a clip from
Bill Mahr and Keith Obermann.

Highlights, in case you don't feel like listening.

Obermann says to keep saying Trump is illegitimate. He encourages insults. He encourages turning up the false story about Russia, suggesting it is tantamount to being invaded, and having a puppet regime installed.

Forget Overton, kids, Obermann is going to make the right wing great again.

If you are a media exec, if you don't already feel like a bug smashed across the windshield, you are going to feel like absolute hell in two months. You depend on ad buys from all those corporations having talks with the Trump administration. Your political ideology blinds you, and you've got people like Mahr and Obermann perfectly happy to take all your resources and attack Trump.

Your viewers and advertisers shall abandon you, as these freaks take what got Trump elected in the first place, and turn it up to eleven.

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